Motor Fleet

How Many Vehicles do I need for a Fleet?

You can set up a fleet policy with as little as 2 vehicles, more commonly though, most insurers will need 3

Can I have protected bonus on a fleet policy? 

No, fleet policies do not have no claim bonus, instead they use a claim experience document, which is a record of your fleet history, this includes vehicle numbers and claim details

Do I lose my no claims bonus if I take out a fleet? 

Your no claims bonus remains valid for 2 years since the expiry of your last private / individual policy. Therefore, if you then drove on a fleet for a period more than this, that bonus would not be valid. However, some insurers do accept ‘safe driving’ letter from fleet policies to allow bonuses on individual policies

What are the benefits of a fleet policy?

  1. One common renewal date

Save time and reduce paperwork, by having all your vehicles due at one time in the year, you can even select a convenient date to best suits you.

  1. All vehicles under one easy to manage policy

Having all your vehicles insured under one policy, makes administering any changes simpler.

  1. More flexible underwriting

Fleet insurers will have more flexibility to add cars, van, lorries even forklifts etc. Fleet underwriters understand that business needs this kind of flexibility, but standalone policies simply can’t accommodate this

  1. Any driver policies

Fleet policies offer a range of driving options, they range from any licensed driver to any licensed driver aged 25 to 70 years old, of course drivers outside of this, can be added subject to underwriters’ approval. Whilst fleets offer flexible driving, it is essential that policy holders are carrying out checks on their driver’s licenses. Drivers with penalty points that have not been disclosed to insurers, could have a claim repudiated!

  1. More stable premiums

By paying all your vehicles premiums to one insurer, in the event you have a claim, rather than this impacting a much smaller lower premium, it can be more easily absorbed against the premiums paid for all vehicles and less likely to impact your total outlay of cost for the year.

  1. Avoid a non-disclosure

It is your duty to report all claims when arranging insurance. So, a claim on one policy would need to be declared on another held by the same policyholder, failure to do so would be a non-disclosure and may lead to non-payment of a claim. Having all vehicles insured under one policy, with one insurer eliminates this from happening.

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